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Content Updates

This service is for you if:
- You need to frequently modify your web content.
- You want to frequently add new updates such as your latest news, new images or additional content.

An update is to modify or add an element (image + text) within the existing structure of your website.

What this service does not include?
- Changing the structure of a section
- Creating a different element
- Adding a new section
- Adding a new page

When you need one of these services do not hesitate to contact us.

Requirements and considerations:
- Client must provide content in a structured manner. Example: image + text.
- Updates can only be requested once per month, but you can request as many as you need.
- Once requested it will be completed within one week.

Finally, you can adapt the number of updates to exactly what you need, select below.


Maintenance and Security

If your website is of great importance to your business you need this service. We will make sure everything is up and running and that it stays that way. You will be protected from hacks and threats, which can leave your website disabled for a long time, causing you to lose your sales and opportunities.