Traspasosi is a specialized portal that plays the crucial role of connecting individuals looking to transfer their businesses with eager entrepreneurs seeking to embark on their own ventures. In this project, we developed a branding strategy to enhance the platform’s market presence.

Our services encompassed a multi-layered approach, initiating with a marketing strategy to identify and target the right audience. We designed an efficient sales funnel to seamlessly convert leads into active users and deployed targeted advertising campaigns to maximize reach and engagement.

Supporting these front-end features, we provided digital consulting to align the platform’s technology use with the latest industry standards. To ensure smooth operation and customer relationship management, we implemented CRM/Database solutions along with a Team and Task Management System tailored to the needs of the portal.

Beyond operational efficiencies, our focus on automation paved the way for streamlining processes and tasks, allowing for a more agile and responsive environment that adapts to the dynamic nature of business transfers.

Traspasosi now stands as a testament to a seamless fusion of strategy, design, and technology, offering an unmatched experience for anyone stepping into the business transfer ecosystem.

Services in this project:

Marketing Strategy / Sales funnel design / Advertising Campaigns / Email Campaigns
Web design / Video edition / Photography
Digital consulting / CRM/Database / Team and Task Management System / Process/Tasks Automations