weapp is a collection of everyday apps

We are determined to create an all-in-one app for the usual activities of anyone who loves to get organized.

The trip planner app

– Organize your travel itinerary with a daily plan and activities. Save all the details in a space specially created for it.

AI trip generation

– Generate your entire trip itinerary with a single click with AI. Get tips and historical data for each relevant place.

The chat app

Several companies have their chat with AI, but to use the superior and more accurate models, you have to pay a monthly subscription. We are here to solve this problem.

Chat with the best AI models like GPT4, Claude 3 or Google Gemini in one app. Instead of paying a monthly subscription, pay per use at a very low price.

Chat context and settings

One of the biggest challenges in chatting with AI to get better and more precise text is giving it the right context.

To fix this, our app lets you easily set a different context for each chat. We’ve also added simple one-click options that let users choose the tone, style, role, and more for the conversation.

Services in this project:

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