Pose inspiration visual examples

If you’re bored of having all your photos with the same pose, you’re in the right place. Gain inspiration with these sample photos that you can easily mimic to improve your own. We recommend selecting one of the filters that is suitable for the situation. Filters Category Category Standing Sitting Leaning Lying down Models Models […]

How to generate Animal-shaped croissants with AI

I’m impressed by Microsoft Copilot’s capabilities in generating images. After testing Midjourney and Stable Diffusion for the same task, we preferred its results.However, for other tasks, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion may yield better outcomes. How to Generate these Images 1. Let’s use Microsoft Copilot, follow this link: 2. Input this prompt to generate images: […]

How to create artistic AI QR with Stable Diffusion

Youtube video by MakeTheBreak Generate QR You will first need a QR Code. To increase your chance of success, use a QR code that meets the following criteria. We will use this QR Code generator in this tutorial. Stable Diffusion Settings Image to Image Use ControlNet extension Upload the QR code to ControlNet‘s image canvas. *Upload it on […]

The digital checklist that every business should complete by 2024

Glossary: Lead = person who has shown interest in your business and has left you their phone number or email. Business profile on Google Optimize your business profile on Google my business and you will get thousands of views every month.Not having it is like throwing money out the window, because it is completely free. […]