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weapp ai

what is it?

weapp ai chat

Is a chat powered by AI where you can use all of the chat gpt models, like gpt 4 or gpt 3.5.

This app is for you if you are a copywriter, marketer or you create a lot of content.

how it works​?

work faster with these choices

context 🗺️

Use your relevant information as context to get tailored results.

multi profiles 🤳

Save your context and settings in a profile for using in new chats. Have more than one ; )

pay per use

try for free

and our app is ad-free ✅

we don't charge a monthly subscription

instead you only pay for your use at a very low price

gpt4 = 0.07 $ per 750 words
gpt4 turbo = 0.045 $ per 750 words
gpt3.5 = 0.007 $ per 750 words


use on ios

(coming soon)